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The Mystery of Death - Part of our November Series

The Mystery of Death - Part of our November Series

November 1, 2019

The Mystery of Death with Bishop Ronald Gilmore,  (Chaplain of Grace that Reigns )


In this podcast, Bishop Gilmore offers a few thoughts on Death, Heaven, on Hell and on Purgatory.

He begins with this:

‘Some of you may not know that November has always been a month off sober and prayerful reflection in our Church: on the four last things, we used to way … on Death, on Heaven, on Hell, and on Purgatory.

But the ways and the manners of our time almost forbid our talking about that first one, about death.  A monk in France wondered recently if we even had “the time to die” today.

Bishop then speaks about technology and how it overwhelms and at time overwhelms us, so that we are not thinking of the inevitable in November.

-  “I don’t have time,” we say stubbornly; “you’ve had enough time,” Says God, wearily.

 We don’t have time to die because we have never made real time to live … never made time for ourselves, never made time God.  That’s why we are more than ready to miss the high point of this life.

Death is the most important act of earthly existence.  But we start, and we cut, and we run when it comes close.


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