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Fall into the Light: Episode 8 Testimony with special guest: Henry Kota and Rosanna Thill

Fall into the Light: Episode 8 Testimony with special guest: Henry Kota and Rosanna Thill

May 12, 2021

This is Jacqueline Loh from Grace that Reigns, welcome to our Spring Series called: Fall into the Light. Our mission is to help Renew Your Sense of Wonder for God’s love for you, through the charisms of healing and of words.

An estimated 20.4% (50.0 million) of U.S. adults live with chronic pain. What do you do when you find yourself in a season of life like that—a season of pain with no end in sight? God in His kindness has given us three expressions of His grace for us to face and deal with chronic pain. They are prayer, promises, ( His grace will sustain you ) and his people. ( fellow intercessors from church. )

Henry Kota is not new to the concept of pain. He grew up walking shoulder to shoulder with adversity, he has suffered from many varying afflictions such as his ongoing sobriety, a brain tumour that nearly killed him, and his painful neuralgia that brought him to his knees. The neuralgia led him to seek intercession and that is where we met him and his daughter, Rosanna in Phoenix, Arizona.

Henry receives a gift from the Lord. A gift of healing from his neuralgia that frees him from the heavy pain medication that he has taken. But this story does not end. Henry speaks about suffering in a way that gives us real hope. Through his experience of suffering, Henry offers us more than a glimpse of his strong faith and love for Jesus. He reminds us that we are NOT alone. 

Please enjoy this very powerful testimony. If this or any of our podcasts at Fall into the Light resonates with you, please offer us your comments are sponsor our ministry.


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