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Grace that Reigns Ministry - We Renew Your Sense of Wonder

April 28, 2020

Welcome to Grace that Reigns Society.    

This is our podcast channel called: Renewing Your Wonder.


Where is the Wonder in your lives?  We should wonder what this new day, and the Spirit of God, will bring us: how He will approach us, how He will surprise us, how He will challenge us. When you lose your ability to wonder, it is easy to misunderstand the mysteries that God wants to convey for your own life. In fact, your life is a deep and fascinating adventure. 

Many of us have allowed routine and habit to take over our lives. When we wake up, go to school, to work, attend meetings, tackle our lists, and forget about the ways in which God enters our lives each day, over time we can become numb. Our routines begin to take over our lives and we allow our schedule to rule our day. 

So we ask, " Is there more to life than this? "  The answer is YES!

Grace that Reigns Renews Your Sense of Wonder.   We do this by...

1. Renewing a Sense of Wonder for yourself and for your love & relationship with Jesus. 

2.  Identifying and healing misconceptions, roadblocks, stereotypes, and hidden barriers that affect our ability to see ourselves as Unique, Loved, and a Pearl of Great Price.

3. Giving Life to a journey of prayer and revealing St. Ignatius' Consolation and Desolation.

4. Providing Opportunities for God's Divine Supernatural Healing Grace to transform lives through the Sacraments and through the Charms of Healing.
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