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Fall into the Light : Episode 10 Testimony with special guest: Rosanna Thill- Part 2

September 15, 2021

In Divorce, there is strength and healing through the gift of forgiveness.


Welcome to part 2 of Rosanna Thill's sharing on forgiveness. 

Last month, we listened to Rosanna's story of her divorce, and the almost palpable effects it had on her life, trying to protect two young children: twin boys, and on the dream that so many young girls, including herself had for a beautiful marriage and family life.

15 years later, Rosanna is a fierce triathlon competitor, a creative and successful career professional with two grown up boys now. Her faith is as strong as ever, as she reflects back on those days. 

In this podcast, Rosanna speaks about the Divine Mercy and how that became a lifesaver for her, and how her understanding of Jesus' mercy, through the writings of St. Faustina helped to heal her life and give her the strength to forgive. 

Rosanna concludes by saying, "forgiveness, even 15 years later is still an ongoing process. But when you make that choice, each and every day, it is worth it."

If you or anyone you know who has been shaken by divorce, we invite you to listen to Rosanna Thill's courageous sharing as she bravely and graciously invites you into her heart. 

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