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Fall into the Light: Episode 11 with special guest: Bob Kelly - Part 1

October 13, 2021

This is Jacqueline Loh from Grace that Reigns. Welcome to Episode 11 of Fall into the Light. This is the first of a two part series with my special guest, Bob Kelly.


A Story about Living Large, Cancer, Healing and a process of self discovery.


Bob lives life large. He has an awesome marriage to Annmarie, a big family, financial independence and many dreams ahead of him. He left home at seventeen years old and put himself through University, and by the time he was 25, he already had a PHD in English Literature.

He joined Microsoft and what resulted from a two day internship, turned into a lifetime career that provided him with many more opportunities to achieve great success.... and yes, he took it by the horns. Bob describes himself as having an "A" type personality and those who know him, believe it. In 2019, he was feeling out of sorts, and decided to let it be. But by 2020, in February, he knew that something was not right.

In August, Fr. Dominic Legge O.P asked me to help pray for his friend, Bob. Bob said, yes and that's when the Holy Spirit brought us together. Bob was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.

This is Bob's sharing of his 10 days or so previous to his operation, how providence worked in his life, his subsequent healing, and involvement with a prayer intercessor whom he didn't even know, and the lessons he learned as a result of releasing control.

Allow his sharing to inspire you as it did us.

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