Renewing Your Wonder with Grace that Reigns

Fall into the Light: Episode 7 Testimony with special guest: Lola Wilson

April 15, 2021

This is Jacqueline Loh from Grace that Reigns, welcome to our Spring Series called: Fall into the Light. 

Our next guest is Lola Wilson from St. Dominic's parish in Garden City. Armed with a degree in Theology, she taught scripture for many years. She has always been interested in helping people to see the gospel come " alive " and help them to fall in love with the scriptures.

When she received two dramatic physical healings at our retreats, one for her back and the other for her foot, she knew without a doubt that God's grace was real, and even though she already knew about the Holy Spirit, her faith was renewed again.

Spoiler: Her description of God’s healing of her foot is the most visceral, that I have ever heard. This testimony will not only help you to think about God's "aliveness" in this world, but how you can ask him to help you. ( Length: 16 minutes )

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