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Fall into the Light: Episode 9. Testimony with special guest: Rosanna Thill - Part 1

June 16, 2021

Rosanna's Story is a story about forgiveness.

In the world of Disney, almost every young woman finds her prince. In reality, according to 2020 statistics, some 39 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

Rosanna's Thill’s story is a touching sharing about love found, marriage and then love lost.  In this two part series, she candidly shares with us, the story of her divorce, the effects it had on her, her desire to protect her little boys at all cost, and the healing that happened as a result of her decision to forgive herself, and most of all, to extend that forgiveness to her former husband.

Through St. Faustina's Divine Mercy; she finds strength, resilience, and an enormous amount of grace to keep choosing to forgive. When she does, it leads to her personal freedom.

Rosanna concludes by saying, "forgiveness, even 15 years later is still an ongoing process. But when you make that choice, each and every day, it is worth it!"  Hurray Rosanna!

If you or anyone you know who has been shaken by divorce, we invite you to listen to Rosanna Thill’s courageous sharing as she bravely and most graciously invites you into her heart.

Thank you so much Rosanna Thill. You and your little family will be forever in our prayers. We invite you to keep her in yours.

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