Renewing Your Wonder with Grace that Reigns

The Electric Eel Series: Claire Dwyer shares about the life of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and other Saints.

August 12, 2020

Welcome to the Electric Eel Series at Grace that Reigns.


Claire is the 8th guest in our series. Claire is a writer editor and works at the Avila Foundation and is a contributor to Spiritual She also writes for her own blog, Even the Sparrow.


In this series, Claire Dwyer, whom we met in Phoenix Arizona, while we were giving a retreat at St.Thomas the Apostle a few years ago, brings us into the lives of her favourite Saints, and discusses how they influence our lives. She also introduces us to a lesser known saint, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity and discusses her role in her life and in the world.  To know more about her writings, please go to https://


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